Company Training

Our company training sessions go straight to the essential. Part of the session focuses on the theory but as we believe that to become a good developer you must actually develop, a great deal of the session focuses on exercices or ‘labs’. The training is intense and requires a great concentration on your part. But don’t worry, your efforts will be quickly rewarded.

Windows Phone



iOS was originally unveiled in 2007 for the iPhone. Since then, our experts acquired a strong knowledge of this operating system now powering the iPhone, iPad, iPod and Apple tv.


With its open operating system, Google has reached a lot of users using Android powered devices: phones, tablets, phablets, smart watches and other connected things.

Windows Phone

After Microsoft’s announcement in april 2014 to licence Windows Phone 8.1 for free to phone manufacturers, we think it is time to invest in the future.

Our “a la carte” services

Your App in the Store

We use our intuition, creativity and innovation at the service of your product to define, design, build and distribute your app.

Need a Business App?

Stand alone or perfectly integrated with your company IT infrastructure, we partner with you, we use our expertise in mobile to enhance your business.

Branding, UI, UX, Polish

Our design team looks beyond the hardware to extend the user experience upon the language of your brand to create a fully fledged in app identity.

Training, Coaching, Advices

Mobile changed the way we experience the world. We would like to change how the world experiences mobile by sharing our vision. Ask our experts.

Mobile Strategy

We developed tools to help us monitor the important metrics in our own apps. As our client, you will have access to the same tools.

QA and Usability Testing

Have you ever used an app that reacted perfectly and felt totally natural? We perfect animations, transitions, all the fine details that make an app stand out.

Mobile changed the way we experience the world.

Have a look at the way we contribute to that change.

Our Apps

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